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Emergence XL


Becoming a member of Emergence XL means helping a young person find employment!


Created in April 2009, Emergence XL's objective from the outset was to use sport as a tool to promote the socio-professional integration of young people who have dropped out of school. These young people are often in search of meaning in a society where the reference points are becoming increasingly blurred, and this is what we wanted to bring them.

Since then, we have diversified and had the opportunity to develop a multitude of new projects through an innovative business model. Social entrepreneurship is indeed a model that creates social value and is viable in the long term. Our way of doing business is to pursue our objectives by placing people at the heart of our concerns. All of Emergence XL's activities are, therefore, structured in two parts based on the same values.


The sports centre focuses on combat sports, although it also offers a multitude of quality group classes given by experienced teachers. Our complex is a meeting place and a place of exchange open to all, which allows various publics to share their passion for sports.

All the profits generated by the sports centre are used to finance the social aspect of our A.S.B.L.

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The social objectives pursued by our projects are:

the socio-professional integration of young people through sport,

access to sport for all,

sport as a therapy and a channel,

sport as a tool for emancipation, social cohesion and living together.

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"Based on the observation that a large part of the youth of Brussels is confronted with numerous structural integration difficulties every day and that the statistics on job seekers show a significant number of young people without employment, the College of Mayor and Aldermen of the Commune of Ixelles has set itself the challenge of remedying this situation.

Since I have been working for many years in the sports field with young people from vulnerable backgrounds, it was only natural that the idea of setting up a support structure based on sport developed.

Sport, organised in a well-considered and well-supervised manner, proves to be an effective means of reaching this group of people and encouraging them to surpass themselves. The physical health of the young people concerned, but also their morale and their mental health are improved. I would like to develop solutions to facilitate the socio-professional integration of young people from Ixelles and Brussels.

A broader reflection was then born on the integrating potential of sports with the final idea of offering sports coaching to young people who had dropped out of society and individualised support in broader integration processes.

A market study to identify initiatives for integration through sport was carried out and, very quickly, a project emerged with concrete results of success. The Emergence project in Le Havre, after 5 years of existence, has enabled no less than 600 young people find employment via a programme combining sport and job-coaching."

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Discover our sports activities and social projects.

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